I Will Help You Grow and/or Sell Your Business by Being Your Secret Weapon,
Your Undercover Co-CEO

Do you wish you had somebody at your level to work with?
Imagine that you have a Co-CEO who has your back, somebody to vet your key hires, talk through big decisions with, somebody who sees you from your strengths and how you can leverage them every day. 
With over 16 years of global entreprenuerial experience, I will leverage the best tools, processes, and connections to accelerate your results.
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"Nicole brings a plethora of awesome experience and knowledge to help you on your journey. She's fun, smart, and a little sassy, in just the right way, and really motivates her clients to keep things moving toward the final goal."
- Kevin Davis,  Inventor & Entrepreneur
Get Results

 Get through issues quickly, get faster results in your business!

Nicole was incredibly helpful in directing my efforts at Ben's Muffins. She has an athlete mentality and holds her clients accountable for lofty goals. She is straight forward and goes right to the point. She's realistic and ambitious in her expectations and will inspire you to work harder than you expected.
-Ben Collins, Senior Associate at Dimensional Fund Advisors | Professional Triathlete


About Nicole A. Donnelly

As a former pro-snowboarder, turned CEO & mom, I've sought out people who inspire and challenge me to get better in every area of life. After several concussions, 3 years living in my car, broken bones, slipped disks, living a "too stressed to function" life, while writing 3 books and creating a string of highly successful companies, I've learned to relax, be happy and have earned my stripes as a gritty global entrepreneur. Whether talking about Emotional Intelligence (and challenges), running an ultra marathon, being a mom, pulling big air at the XGames or launching, growing, and selling BabyLegs, a mulit-million dollar international business, I am FIERCELY committed to sharing the powerful lessons I've learned along this journey.
Through proven processes and systems I will empower you to travel your own remarkable, memorable, and HEALTHY path to success. There is transformational magic in finding extraordinary solutions to common problems. Now it's simply a matter of being in action and being gentle with yourself when things don't go as planned, then taking the right actions over and over again!

What You Will Get

-TOOLS! Tons of them, from a fantastic Hiring Handbook to a custom Social Media Playbook
-A Custom Playbook for Your Business
-Digital Marketing Tools
-Introductions to Resources
-Strengths Assessment

My Commitment To You

I am an athlete, entrepreneur, author, and mom; FIERCELY committed to sharing transformational systems to help you and your business perform at your best.